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Our door to the contemporary art world bNOTES
 » 2008 Q1 - Art Newsletter :

Speech on recent art events on Europe – Ivano Rondelli

Art Basel
Venice Art Biennale

Art Basel

One of the leading international art shows of the world Art Basel has been called the “Olympics of the art world” by New York Times.  About 300 leading art galleries and over 2000 artists from 30 countries participate in Art Basel.

Documenta 12

The Documenta is regarded as the most important exhibition of contemporary art, drawing attention from all over the world. It was initiated in 1955 after the period of Nazi dictatorship with the aim of reconciling German public life with international modernity and also confronts it with its own failed Enlightenment.

Venice Biennale

The Biennale in Venice takes place every two years and has gained significance in the art world through the years of its inception. The international pavilions at the Venice Biennale attract talent from all over the world as well as art dealers and galleries alike
Click here to view the powerpoint presentation.


ICIA Art Camp at Marver 1
ICIA Art Camp at Marve 2
Michele Lombardelli
ICIA art camp at Marve         
Michele Lombardelli’s artworks

We had the privilege of attending the brunch at Mr. Harsh Goenka’s beach house in Marve on the 16th of December. This marked the end of the eight day art camp organised by the ICIA and Mr. Vickram Sethi. The participating artists included Julius Macwan, Samit Das, Vipta Kapadia, Paresh Maity, Prandeep Kalita, Prashant Prabhu. Julius Macwan had created a self portrait which was quite striking and as the artist explained the imagery of the red and black hearts represent humanity moving away from the good and the ‘end of the magic’ of life as it were. Vipta Kapadia’s canvasses were a stark contrast to her earlier work, moving away from her colourful palette to the world of black and white, her painting had an almost print-like quality about them.

Michele Lombardelli is fast proving to be an artist of international repute. This self-taught Italian artist had already created waves in his native Italy, but is also becoming popular in the USA. He deals with the dark side of human nature in his works which appeal to a global audience, proven by the fact that people across continents are appreciating them. bCA Galleries is proud to be associated with such an artist.

Interesting exhibitions seen in the past
Artist in focus

The city has been flooded with exhibitions in the past few weeks. Here is the few which we found interesting…

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Interesting Feature
In each issue we will feature an interesting feature in our website. This will help you get more information and keep you updated. This time we have the most useful feature…

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Artists who have associated with us in the past 3 months
Our family of artists has been growing rapidly over the past months. The following are the artists who have joined us in the past 3 months…

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Art Extract
This section of our newsletter is towards increasing the knowledge and understanding of art for the lay person. Here you will find terminology, techniques of art explained. This time we explore...

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bCA Forum-
How can an artist join bCA Galleries?
bCA Galleries is involved in promoting Indian artists abroad. To do this, we..

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Sandip Paradkar

Sandeep Paradkar's artwork

Europe, is the flavour of this our first edition of the quarterly newsletter from bCA Galleries.

Little wonder then, that for our Artist in Focus we should feature Sandip Paradkar, just back from his sojourn across Europe. Sandip, has…

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Stop Press

Jivya Soma Mashe’s Auction

bCA Galleries is proud to announce that the works of Jivya Soma Mashe were selected…

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JSM's artwork

Artists success – Aniket Khupse

Aniket Khupse is one of the artists who is a part of the bCA Galleries galaxy and he has been doing very well in the past year. He has participated in…
Read more…

Aniket Kupse's artwork
Artist in Focus – Sandip Paradkar
Artist in Focus


Europe, is the flavour of our first edition of the quarterly newsletter from bCA Galleries.

Little wonder then, that for our Artist in Focus we should feature Sandip Paradkar, just back from his sojourn across Europe. Sandip, has participated in numerous shows across India, including one in which he was touted as one of the ‘Icons of the Future.’ We entered into a conversation with the artist and came to know more about his 3 months in Europe. The following are excerpts from our conversation:

How did your trip to Europe come about?

My works have been purchased by many overseas collectors over the years. One of them includes Publishers Grand in the UK. They had visited India, liked my works and while speaking with them, it came out that I really wanted to see Europe and absorb the great history and culture of that continent, but funds had always been a constraint. They very generously offered to sponsor my trip, which included air fare to the UK and back and some money which could let me tour the UK and Scotland. The other cities of Europe – France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Austria, I managed on my own.

Tell us something about your experiences?

I was lucky to get to visit two international art fairs – The Frieze in London and the IFCA in France. They present the entire art world under one roof. The main importance of attending these fairs as an artist for me was that I got to understand and analyze myself and my art. Moreover, I became more aware of the Indian roots that are reflected in my works and I became firmer in the resolution that my art has taken the right path.

I gained from meeting people who are creative in all the different walks of art – a video installer, a performance dancer, a landscape designer…

The strange thing is that everywhere I went; the artists would ask me, “Is it possible for you to just be an artist and survive in India?” In Europe they are all involved in other jobs, at least till they are established, to survive they work in the supermarkets, restaurants and even telephone companies. No one thinks any less of them because they are doing other work, other than painting. This is not the case in India, if you do some other work, the galleries think you are not serious about your art, I feel this mindset has to change.

Was travel and stay there difficult?

Well before you leave India, people warn you about how difficult it is to get around Europe, how expensive it is…But when you’re there you realize that travel is not really that difficult, people speak English in almost every place you go. The only place that I faced a problem was in France, where somehow the older generation refuses to speak in English even if they know it. The younger French people I found more open and helpful.
Besides, I had done my research from India and become a member of two hospitality sites – and – these allow you to get in touch with members in other cities who will allow you to stay in their homes for free, or meet with you and explain the best ways of seeing their city etc. This really made a big difference when the choice is between staying at an expensive hotel and spending the night on the pavement. Also, McDonalds is everywhere; that big yellow M is like a beacon for all those who have to survive on a budget. I had also become a temporary member of the Youth Hostel Association of India ( I would also recommend all young student artists to get their International Student Card made here, this gets you discounts at supermarkets, travel and even on entry tickets at museums.

Any advice for young contemporary Indian artists?

Well on the art front, if you want to absorb the international art influences, there is no place like Europe and as much as possible you should cover it on foot. It is not just the galleries and museums which have much to offer the artist, but even the countryside and the wonderful architecture of the buildings there. The Louvre in France is of course like the Mecca for artists and art lovers, what’s more the entire architecture of the Louvre, the shopping malls are enthralling, you walk into the gardens and you see a Subodh Gupta sculpture and you realize just how connected the art world really is!

On the practical front, I would advice artists to carry a small portfolio of their works with them; I had carried photographs of my work and during my travels met several galleries who showed interest in purchasing them. Also, they should carry their paintings material and sketch book with them. Health wise, health insurance is a must, one has to make oneself drink water, as going from a tropical climate one doesn’t feel very thirty there, also carry vitamin supplements with you, a bottle of pickle wouldn’t go amiss!

Has your trip influenced your art?

I’m sure that the exposure that I’ve had will appear in my art as well. In fact, I’m planning a series based on the experiences and photographs I have taken during my trip. All artists, consciously or on some subconscious level reflect their experiences in their art. I’m sure that those who have been following my evolution as an artist over the years will be able to see the influences of my months in Europe in my new works.

On that note we leave the artist to the muses he has experienced during his months in abroad and eagerly await the exhibition of his works post Europe!

~ Razvin Namdarian


Interesting Exhibitions seen in the past 3 months

Opening at Cymroza
From left: Andrea Kuenzig, Marla Stukenberg, Ms. Godrej and Mr. Walter Stechel
Photography exhibition at Cymroza Art Gallery-  

The exhibition is the result of a three week course conducted by German photographer - Andrea Kuenzig at the Goethe-Institut Max Mueller Bhavan. The photographers are from across the sub-continent, Mumbai, Pakistan, Srilanka and Bangalore. The aim of the workshop according to Andrea was, "the ability to tell a story through pictures," rather than ones "panache with the lens." So what comes across to the viewers of the exhibition is the tale of cities, of their people and memories that stain every aspect of our lives and are sometimes literally carved in stone, whether they be the mill walls of Parel or the tired stones that have washed infinite clothes at Dhobhi Talao.

Lalitha Lajmi at Tao Art Gallery-  

Lalitha Lajmi may well be called one of the Grand Dames of contemporary Indian art. She is one of the few artists who gives of herself on the canvas, her thoughts, her beliefs and experiences are all there in full view, making those who understand feel somehow voyeuristic. But then here we are guests invited by the artist to delve into the recesses of her mind. The mirrored woman who speaks of what may have been as well as what has been. The women in closed domestic spaces while the world lies beyond their windows. There is a gentle grace to the watercolours and her pencil drawings are done in the same vein, the strokes reflecting the emotions as the artist continues her romance with the medium.


Vaishali Bendale at Jehangir art Gallery-


Vaishali's art is a curious motley mix of medium and styles which somehow works out just right. Her works give the essence of a collage while the relief work gives it the feel of an ancient seal from a forgotten civilization. The artist draws inspiration from everyday life and renders it in her own unique translation. Interesting would be one way of describing her works, absorbing would be another!


Interesting Feature - bNOTES


bCA Galleries website has a section called bNotes dedicated exclusively to covering exhibitions primarily in Mumbai and also other cities in India. This year, our diligent team is committed towards providing you with all possible information regarding the galleries and the exhibitions they are hosting. Here you will get the contact details of the galleries including address, phone number, email address and website, if they have one. If you are wondering which exhibitions are on, you can use our ‘Past Week’ or ‘My date’ features. For exhibitions that have made an impact our team puts in a review as well. We plan to continue in our value addition to this section that can benefit all artists and art lovers alike. We welcome all information that artists and galleries can forward to us, to keep this section of our website updated. Please email us on


Artists who have associated with us in the past 3 months

New associated artists
Our family of artists has been growing rapidly over the past months. The following are the artists who have joined us in the past 3 months

Albert Ashok
Anita Bhad
Bhanwarsingh Panwar
Bratati Mukherjee
Devendra Bhardwaj
Dipika Rajgarhia
Fatema Rajkotwala
Kailash Chhatrasal
Kala Shah

Kamalkant Jain
Madhulika Verma
Mamata Kharote
Manas Halder
Meena Wani
Nirupam Ghosh
Onkar Kshirsagar
Parashar. Naik
Pooja Panchal
Ram Kasture

S Murthy
Sheela Padmanabhan
Subash Babhulkar
Tikendra Sahu
Trupti Goswami
Vilas Bhad

The artists have been listed in alphabetical order.


Art Extract: Cubism

Cubism has been called the first and the most influential of all movements in 20th-century art. In Cubism the subject matter is broken up, analyzed, and reassembled in an abstracted form. Picasso and Braque initiated the movement when they followed the advice of Paul Cézanne, who in 1904 said artists should treat nature "in terms of the cylinder, the sphere and the cone." Picasso and Braque found the concepts for cubism through primitive art like African tribal masks, Iberian sculpture, and Egyptian bas-reliefs and from the works of Paul Cézanne, especially his late still life and landscapes where he had introduced a new geometry in forms. In 1907, Picasso merged the two in the work that most regard as the beginning of modern contemporary art the Les Demoiselles d'Avignon. Closer home, Jehangir Sabbawala is regarded as one of the greatest Indian exponents of cubism. In March 1909 the French critic Louis Vauxcelles, reviewing the Salon des Indépendants, referred disparagingly to Braque's style as one that "reduces everything to little cubes" - hence, came about the term – Cubism.

bCA Forum

bCA Forum

How can an artist join bCA Galleries?

bCA Galleries is involved in promoting Indian artists abroad. To do this we create a webpage for each artist on our website with their photograph, profile and images of six available works. We charge no fee for this and the artists are free to exhibit and sell the works even though the images are on our website. We only ask that they not be displayed simultaneously on any other website.

To be a part of bCA Galleries just visit our website ( the application process is described in details at the page “Information for Artists”. In essence just go to the “Downloads” section, download and fill in the relevant documents for the application: the Artist Profile and Artworks information template. Then email them along with your photograph to . It’s that simple!

If you have any queries or comments you wish to share with our readers, please send them to with “bCA Forum” in the address line. They will be featured in our next newsletter.

Jivya Soma Mashe’s Auction in France

Chauk Malgata and trains
bCA Galleries is proud to announce that the works of Jivya Soma Mashe were selected for an auction in France organised by Artcurial gallery. His two paintings were sold at twice the reserve price and we are positive that bCA Galleries and its artists will continue to feature in future auctions of Indian art organized by Artcurial

Artist’s Success- Aniket Khupse

AK 1
AK 2
AK 3

Aniket Khupse is one of the artists who is a part of the bCA Galleries galaxy and he has been doing very well in the past year. He has participated in shows all over India and almost all the works listed on our website are now sold. In terms of popularity as well, his works are the ones we get the most number of inquires about. Our congratulations to him and we wish he will reach even greater heights of success in the 2008.

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» Shailesh Shinde
» Shalaka Patil
» Shankar Gojare
» Shankar Khola
» Shankar Sonawane
» Shantaram Belkar
» Shantaram Ghakram
» Sharad Sonkusale
» Sheela Padmanabhan
» Sheetal Chamat
» Shilpa PanditPatole
» Shital Gohil
» Shivani Mathur
» Shivani Soni
» Shola Carletti
» Shrabanti Saha
» Shraddha Rane
» Shravan Pendyala
» Shreyas Dhongde
» Shrikant Kolhe
» Shriram Jog
» Shruti Gupta Chandra
» Smita Shinde
» Snehal OakLimaye
» Somava Dutta
» Somnath Dutta
» Sonal Varshneya
» Sonalli Iyengaar
» Sopan Kshirsagar
» Soumen Saha
» Soumya Chavan
» Souvik Banerjee
» Sripad Kulkarni
» Stuti Agarwal
» Subhash Babhulkar
» Subhash Kharat
» Subhashbabu Ravuri
» Subrato Maji
» Sucheta Ghadge
» Suchita Raut
» Sudeep Mukherjee
» Sudha Barshikar
» Sudha Bhadani
» Sudhir Bangar
» Sudhir Deshpande
» Sudhir Talmale
» Sudip Das
» Sudipta Adhya
» Sujata Sahay
» Sujit Das
» Sukanta Chowdhury
» Sumant Shetty
» Sumatilal Badge
» Sunil Bambal
» Sunil Chawdiker
» Sunil Kale
» Sunil Kumar
» Sunil Mathad
» Sunit Gamre
» Sunita Mashe
» SunitaAnand Rao
» Supriya Wadgaonkar
» Suresh Gulage
» Suresh Telore
» Suruchi Jamkar
» Suryakant Lokhande
» Sushanta Dutta
» Sushanta Kundu
» Sushil Nimbark
» Susmita Adhya
» SwapanKumar Mallick
» Swapna Malvade
» Swaroop Biswas
» Swati Jadhav
» Swati Kale
» Sweta Mashe
» Tanul Vikamshi
» TapanKumar Das
» Tapas Gangopadhyay
» Tarun Ghosh
» Taxi Duo
» Tikendra Sahu
» Trupti Goswami
» Umesh Prasad
» Vaibhav Athaley
» Vaishali Pargaonkar
» Vandana Khedikar
» Varinder Dhawan
» Varna Sindhu
» Varsha Kharatmal
» Ved Sandip
» Venus Sanghvi
» Vijay Chouhan
» Vijay Dhumal
» Vijay Mashe
» Vikesh Jandial
» Vikram Kulkarni
» Vilas Bhad
» Vilas Chormale
» Vipta Kapadia
» Vipul Shende
» Viraj Dandagaval
» Vishakha Apte
» Vishal Bhansali
» Vishnu Pawan
» Vishwajeet Naik
» Vitthal Bhingare
» Vivek Kumavat
» Vivek Vadkar
» Wenfeng Li
» Xiang Chunsheng
» Yadnyesh Shirwadkar
» Yasha Sharma
» Yashpal Kamble
» Yashwant Pawar
» Yashwant Shirwadkar
» Yejneswar Subramony
» Yogesh Patil
» Yogesh Shirwadkar
» Yolanda DeSousa
» Yusuf Arakkal
» Yuvaraj V
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